Product ID: #8102

Use on any surface: metal, glass, rubber, plastic, painted finishes and fabrics.

Plastic Molding–Release agent for injection and compression moldings.

Packaging–Prevents waxes, adhesives and plastics from sticking to heat sealer bars. Reduces clean-up time. Eliminates friction on guide rails, line conveyors, scramble tables, etc.

Converters and Printers–Eliminates glue build-up on working surfaces. Reduces friction on paper cutters, knives, drills, etc.

Industrial–For industrial blenders, bins, conveyors, paper, leather, textile and paper mill dry cans, plating screens, glass, fiber, fabric, hosiery forms, container coating for easy release of sticky contents.

Automotive–Lubricates window channels, door, weather stripping, trunk seals, under-carriage, rubber mounting, emergency brakes, pedal shafts, car seats, adjustment mechanisms. Eliminates squeaks from fan belts (do not apply when running). Prevents battery terminal corrosion. Waterproofs ignition system, hinges, springs and casters.

Garment–Promotes slip on sewing machine beds, cutting tables and dies. Prevents bunching of fabrics during sewing operation.

Warning: Reproductive Harm