NEW!! CAP and CANISTER design

Product ID: #c100 and c120

Athea Laboratories will have a new cap and canister design hit the marketplace in late 2018. The new packaging will continue to provide the high quality look and feel you have grown accustomed to in Athea products.
The cap redesign will provide a new streamlined look that gives your product a modern edge. With a new deeper well recess under the flip top lid, there is more room for the tail of the towel. More room means lid closure is easier, which maximizes shelf life after opening. A new feature is a wide finger access on the flip top lid for easy opening. The flip top lid can be used as a handle for cap removal to gain quick and painless access to the canister seal or fall back wipes. Athea’s new caps have a significant reduction in plastic. Less plastic to ship and dispose of means you and your customer will be saving money while being environmentally friendly.