Athea® Has the Expertise and Experience to Bring Your Product to Market

Custom Wet Wipes

Athea® provides a truly turnkey service to the flat-pack / flo-pack, single pack, and retail canister markets.  We provide custom chemical formulation and blending, in-house R&D and stability testing, film matching based on specific liquid formulations, numerous types of packaging options including peel-reseal and semi-rigid, canisters, and optional display boxes.  While many companies do not have the ability to convert fabric or to blend liquids in-house, Athea® has all of these capabilities and more.

Chemicals & Powders

Athea’s chemical and powder packaging capabilities allow for the filling of many sizes of containers from 12 oz. bottles up.  Customers have the option to use their existing formula, incorporate their product into an existing Athea® product, or build a solution from scratch.

An Impressive Range of Capabilities

Athea® is your one stop for full turnkey manufacturing of your private labeled wet wipe, chemical, or powdered product.

Formula Development

Wet Wipe Development

In-House Regulatory Support

In-House R & D Team

On-Site Graphics Team

On-Site Quality Team

History of Excellent Service and Reliability

Let Athea® Help you Bring Your Custom Product to Market

With over 55 years of manufacturing excellence, Athea® has the expertise and experience to make your product a reality.

R & D, Technical and Regulatory Support

Athea® has experience in industries and markets that range from industrial and institutional to retail.  Our team will help guide you through the process of product development to ensure that your finished product is safe, effective, and compliant.

Manufacturing Expertise

With over 400 stock products in liquids, wet wipes, and powders, Athea® has the knowledge and experience with multiple product put ups that can translate to your product design.  Our group also has the ability to problem solve and figure out how difficult product designs can be solved in order to realize true product potential.

In-House Services For You To Take Advantage Of

Custom Formula Development

Custom Formula Development

From wet wipes and liquids, to powders and more, Athea® can help you bring your product to market.

Custom Wipe Converting

Custom Wipe Converting

Athea® can source the wet wipe substrate and design the ideal product solution to ensure your finished product is the highest quality and best performing.

In-House Blending

In-House Blending

Athea® has various mixing tank options to provide turnkey service of your wet wipe or chemical need.

EPA and FDA Facility

EPA and FDA Facility

Our facilities are EPA and FDA approved to ensure that Athea® can be your single source supplier for all of your chemical and wet wipe needs.

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