A Proud History of Manufacturing Expertise

Athea® History

Established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1965, Athea® started out manufacturing general toiletry items such as shampoo, bubble bath, hand lotion, and perfumes.  Competition was fierce with larger soap companies so Athea® migrated into the industrial chemical market and has grown steadily ever since.  Over time, as the industrial and institutional market places kept expanding, less and less focus was put on toiletries and this line eventually went away completely.

Athea® and Wet Wipes

More than 20 years ago Athea® was quick to adopt the idea of combining a towel and liquid into one, more convenient, wet wipe solution.  Athea® entered the wet wipe converting industry and immediately realized the opportunities at hand for a company with fabric converting and liquid blending capabilities.  Today Athea® provides years of manufacturing, development, and regulatory expertise and guidance to customers of all sizes to ensure your wet wipe program is as successful as possible.

Athea® Has an Established History of Manufacturing Excellence That You Can Count On

For over 50 years, Athea® has continued to grow and adapt to an ever changing distributor customer base.

1965 - Athea® Established

Humble Beginning Making Toiletries

Entry Into Industrial Chemicals

Expansion of Capabilities and Products

1996 - Athea® Enters Wet Wipe Industry

Private Label Chemicals and Wet Wipes

Turnkey Partner for Wet Wipes and Liquids

Athea's Mission and Vision are Rooted With Our Distributor Partner In Mind.

Keeping our humble beginning in mind as we conduct business today, Athea® strives to be a continued and trusted leader in wet wipe, chemical, and powder manufacturing.

Athea® Mission

Athea® takes pride in sustaining growth by providing high-quality specialty chemical and wet wipe products with a continuous focus on customer satisfaction.

Athea® Vision

We strive to be the most reliable and respected specialty chemical and contract packaging company in the industry.  We will earn this by respecting each other and maintaining integrity through all of our actions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bring Your Authentic Self to Work

At Athea we are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace, an environment that embraces the various dimensions of diversity represented in our workforce, while also establishing lasting equity. We believe that when people feel respected and included they can be more creative, innovative, and successful, which will help us achieve our mission of providing high quality chemicals, wet wipe products, and superior customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to creating a workplace where employees are their authentic selves and feel like they belong, with all of us actively working together to continue to move our company in that positive direction.

Athea® Makes Purchasing and Private Labeling Wet Wipes, Chemicals, and Powder Products Easy

Product Selection

Product Selection

A wide range of products available in Total Solutions® brand or as private label. Learn More

Private Labeling

Private Labeling

Athea® Does the Work of Private Labeling for You. Learn More

Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

Following GMP guidelines, Athea® makes high quality product for all marketplaces. Learn More

Custom Formulating

Custom Formulating

Custom wet wipe and chemical formula development. Learn More

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