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Large Center-Pull Dispenser

Product #: 9125

Designed for use with our Facility Wipes and Multi-Purpose Hand Towels, this smoky light grey dispenser offers single-sheet release requiring only one hand to tear off. The compact design is made of tough, impact-resistant materials, making it one of the most vandal-proof, break resistant, chemical and flame-resistant products for heavy use applications.

Hygienic - No Touch Dispensing. No levers, dials or cranks
Fully enclosed - Wipes stay wetter for longer
Easy loading with side-hinged lid
Transparent cover shows roll status at a glance
Locking hinged cover eliminates theft

Dispenser Specifications:
Depth 9.43" (239mm)
Width 9.60" (244mm)
Height 13.30" (338mm)

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