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Product #: 119

This unique product is the most effective hand applied automotive cleaner developed to date. It combines the best features of a fast acting cleaner, a high gloss polish and a durable environmental sealer in an easy to use product. Carefully chosen cleaners quickly strip away pollutants and surface dirt while the natural solvent, d-Limonene, provides the strength to remove tar, gasoline spills and insect remains. A specially incorporated polish gently removes surface oxidation to produce a showroom luster. Yet this product is safe for chrome, aluminum, fiberglass and the clear coat finish of newer automobiles. Finally, a detergent-resistant, triple protection system binds to the finish to reduce the effect of weather while producing a long lasting brilliance.

Surfaces protected with this product are easier to clean, resist surface oxidation and corrosion and are immune to the damaging effect of salt deposits, harsh cleaners and environmental fallout (acid rain) much longer than comparable products.

WARNING: Cancer -


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