Manufacturing & Packaging Capabilities


Product Selection

Product Selection

Athea® manufacturers and converts nearly 400 standard pre-moistened wet wipe, liquid, powdered and granular chemical products. Primary product capabilities include Wet Wipes, Grounds Maintenance, Insecticides, Bacterial/Enzyme Digestants, Cleaners and Degreasers, Winter Products, and Specialty Products. Nearly all non-private label products ship within three days, and can be drop-shipped to almost any location. 

Chemical products are available in .5oz bottles to totes and wipes are available in single-size packets and pocket-size canisters to high-count refills for center-pull dispensers.

Private Labeling

Private Labeling

With the ever-growing trend toward private label brands in both the consumer and commercial markets, Athea is well-positioned to deliver on our customers' needs. Today, over 90% of products shipped out our doors are private labeled. A complete turn-key approach of chemical formulation and production, wipe converting and manufacturing, low minimums, the highest-quality artwork, nearly unlimited packaging options, fast turnaround, and strict confidentiality make Athea the market leader in this category. Silkscreen and wrap label options provide the highest-quality presentation.

Products not private labeled ship under the Total Solutions® brand. For those customers entering a new product category unsure of potential volume, or not wishing to register certain products when required by the EPA or FDA, the Total Solutions® brand is an ideal solution.

Custom Formulating

Custom Formulating

Athea’s in-house team of chemists and engineers bring decades of experience in blending and formulating chemicals and wet wipes. Their expertise allows for simple customizations of existing formulas, to complete new product development delivered to our customers’ exact specifications.


Contract Packaging - Athea Packaging

Athea’s contract packaging capabilities extend to both our chemicals and pre-moistened wet wipes.

Pre-Moistened Wipes
Athea provides a truly turnkey service to the flat-pack / flo-pack, single pack, and retail canister markets. We provide custom chemical formulation and blending, in-house R&D and stability testing, film matching based on specific liquid formulations, numerous types of packaging options including peel-reseal and semi-rigid, canisters, and optional display boxes. While many companies do not have the ability to convert fabric, or to blend liquids in-house, Athea is a vertically intregrated, turn-key partner.

Chemicals and Powders
Athea’s chemical contract packaging capabilities allow for high-volume filling of nearly any size and type of container, from .5 oz and up, in cylindrical and flat-side containers, with silkscreened or simple wrap labels to multiple labels on each container. 

Customers have the option to use their existing formula, incorporate their product into an existing Athea product, or build a solution from scratch.

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